Therapy Dog

Well this is probably a strange thing to say but I am actually looking forward to my shoulder surgery in January. My left shoulder has become so bad that I struggle to keep it in the joint most of the time. Never mind sleeping, it comes out just sitting watching television – or typing, like right now, it’s almost as if it is trying to prove a point!!! The more I put it back in the more crunching and grinding there is. Unfortunately my right shoulder is also rapidly deteriorating but I think it will probably be around September before we are able to operate on that one. Then I guess we will have to start looking at the other wobbly joints, which to be fair is most of them. On the bright side that means no housework for me, I am fortunate that I have help with the household chores. I think my husband will definitely have to get the turkey out of the oven on Christmas day as my wrists, elbows and shoulders won’t take the weight. Though 6 dislocations at the same time wouldn’t be much fun, the look of sheer delight on the dogs face would probably be worth it, of course the turkey would be bigger than the dog, most things are bigger than her, she is a miniature dachshund.

I have had a couple of down days this week, which is really quite unlike me, I usually manage to the positive in most things. However I started this week in pain, even more than my usual angina pain, so went to see my GP and she referred me for a scan, thinking it was gallstones. The scan was clear which is good news but the bad news is that its looking like I have a bowel obstruction, again. I have had this once before and ended up losing part of my bowel, so I am very concerned about any surgery. It is caused by adhesions in my abdomen from all the surgery I have had. At the moment I am at home on morphine, but becoming more dehydrated so it may reach a point where they have to take me into hospital for fluids and what they call bowel rest. This is a great pre-Christmas diet as it means you can’t eat anything but you are fed nutrients and electrolytes through a drip. This is why I had a couple of grumpy days, not so much the ‘why me’ as I think I am long past that but more disbelief that my entire body is failing me.

Thankfully I have my therapy dog to keep me company at home, the aforementioned miniature dachshund, called Noodle. She is currently sleeping under the bed covers as I write this. She is good company for me, whether I am up doing some PhD work, relaxing on the sofa or resting in bed. It is surprisingly good therapy to have a dog for company, they listen to you and especially Noodle just wants to snuggle and cuddle all day, which is really lovely when you are having a tough day.

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