Twas the night before Christmas, a twist on a classic

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Decorations were appearing, causing a disgruntled spouse.

The dachshunds Christmas jumpers were knitted with care

Even the Ninja had glitter in his hair

The hospital appointments for the year had been done

But good news was still not come.

The heart was still spasming and the drugs were not fun

But much feeling better was my tum

When a glimmer of hope appeared from a far

To London we went by carriage or car

Alas though the hope of a spinal cord cure

Was dashed by a meeting, almost for sure

For the ambulance and hospital that lay always in wait

I thank you and prey for good fortune and fate

For those on duty and always in good cheer

Spare them a thought while you drink your beer

So to Christmas and the new year we head

And hopefully spending less time in bed

My wishes to friends on this Christmas night

Happy Christmas to all and too all a good-night

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