All quiet on the western front!

I know I have been particularly quiet over the last couple of weeks, I recognise this is highly unusual for me. With not being able to drive it means I am pretty housebound, other than a walk for fresh air. So there haven’t been any hospital appointments, just one physio appointment for my shoulder to start very gentle gravitational exercises. I have a 4 week post op check-up with the consultant next week and am really hoping to start getting rid of the sling, apart from the frustration of doing everything one handed, it is actually causing my elbow a lot of pain. I am pretty sure my elbow is also unstable so will get my shoulder consultant to have a look at that as well. Unfortunately I think all of the joints in my arms are unstable and many of the joints in the rest of my body. I guess once I can see the results of the shoulder surgery, if it works or not and how long it keeps the joint stable, then I can make decision if it is a surgical route for the other joints.

Also next week is the big appointment, the one where I might finally get a diagnosis on the underlying condition, the one that I am not getting my hopes up for ha ha. I am slowly getting prepared for that, in my usual level of preparedness I have printed out chapters and papers that the consultant has written and made notes. All I can really do know is keep my fingers crossed for answers. I will of course update everybody once I know.

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