Happy New Year

So that’s another Christmas over and done with and here we are in 2016, I am sure the years are getting shorter or maybe I am just getting older. Just before Christmas I set up my just giving page in support of HeartStart Thatcham, if you are feeling in a generous mood please do pop by and donate whatever you can.

Tomorrow I am back into hospital, this time for surgery on my shoulder, I am having an Arthroscopic stabilisation with a HAGL repair, capsular plication and ACJ excision. Hopefully I shouldn’t’ be in hospital too long but will be in a sling for up to 8 weeks, which is a bit of a pain. On the bright side if I can’t make or cut up food it should help with the post-Christmas diet. I feel quite under prepared for this operation, which is crazy as it’s the one I have probably had the most notice of.

In a constant search for answers I have an appointment in February with a specialist multi-disciplinary hypermobility unit and I am hopeful they might be able to give a diagnosis of the underlying condition, especially whether or not it is a genetic disorder of the connective tissue. I would love to say that I am trying not to get my hopes up for a diagnosis but I am afraid they are already up.

I am stress knitting at the moment, the dog already has a very fetching new jumper. Not sure I will be able to do this straight after the surgery so will need to find something else to keep me occupied, I think finishing the Christmas chocolates is a one handed job.

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