Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

With the heat comes its own set of problems. So here in the UK we have been having a little bit of a heatwave with the temperatures on one of the days being up to 36 degrees. This is a little too hot for me and yes I can hear you cry - you just can't win with this lady, too cold, she moans. Too hot, she moans. The heat is actually great for my arthritis and it's visibly better in the evening, I mean I positively fly upstairs at bed time at moment. Well ok, that might be an exaggeration but the heat really does help ease the joints. However, it puts an extra strain on my heart and I find I have more angina pain.

Let's not forget that after the hysterectomy I am menopausal and my absorption of the HRT is rubbish at the moment due to a continued upset stomach. Add to the hot flushes, the Autonomic dysfunction which means I can't control my own body temperature and I spend most of the time just trying not to melt. This week I think I haven't moved further than 2ft from my fan. Thankfully last year I invested in a very good fan and it runs 24 hours a day. It's very quiet which means I can have it on all night and it doesn't bother my husband - though in this heat he wants it on at night too.

I am also having more episodes of what I like to call, spontaneous sitting down. Others may choose to call it collapsing, but as I don't lose consciousness I am sticking to spontaneous sitting. As well as a lot of shortness of breath which is horrible, it makes me feel really old.

I also find myself yet again standing over the sink, my nose pouring out blood - unfortunately this is normal. Something that I have lived with for as long as I can remember, of course now I know it's down to my weak blood vessels because of the eds. It's just another part of my life that I have got used to as 'normal', even if it is embarrassing: on the train on the way home from work, in the middle of a meeting, whilst driving or all over my teachers’ skirt, way back when I was about 10 - all of these have happened.

I haven't had many doctors’ appointments this week, the main one being the breast consultant that I cancelled last week. The lump is still there so the doc had to have a good feel around my armpit to check the lymph nodes. Not a job I envy in this heat. They did another fine needle aspiration biopsy, which didn't hurt when they were putting the needle in but really felt bruised on the drive home. Now we wait for the results. If the biopsy is all clear, then he is happy to discharge me and put it down to one of those things. If not, then we deal with whatever it does say.

Other than that we are just preparing for my surgery next week on my elbow. Sounds awful to say, but I can't wait, my elbow is really bothering me now. With pain all the time and pins and needles the only way I can describe it is like when you bang your elbow really hard but having that pain all the time. I am now starting to have periods of loss of sensation in the little finger. As well as having similar symptoms on the right hand side. Between the Elbows and ankles, I think I have a programme of surgery, recovery and physio for about the next 18 months.

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