I wasn’t made right!

Well it has been a busy few weeks, the week after my elbow surgery I developed pleurisy and ended up having an unscheduled trip to the hospital. It seems I had a massive infection, which has now been treated by a huge dose of antibiotics. The surgery site itself is healing well and my surgeon has some amazing sewing skills, even at this early stage the wound looks incredibly neat and tiny, soon you will not even be able to see the scar. That an incredible achievement in someone with EDS.

I have started physio on my elbow, so far I have a great range of movement. I am back in the brace but hopefully that will come off in a couple of weeks. I have also started physio on my ankles, which sort of includes my whole leg but I now have a great physio who is in the same town as me, so that will really help. He has also been recommending good bracing to use to help keep me stable. I am back to the ankle orthopaedic consultant in October and there is a good chance we will progress then to surgery.

As I am not driving at the moment I have been limiting my appointments. So I have been trying to get some PhD work done instead, which is going quite well and serves for good distraction therapy whilst I am still not on the decent pain killers. I have also been trying to keep in touch with people I don’t speak to as often as I should and I have had some of my lovely friends popping over for coffee and cake.

I heard a lovely phrase the other day. My husband and I happened to be in Tesco and I went and sat down while he did the packing etc. I should have been using my wheelchair really but I hadn’t brought it. I sat down next to a lovely older lady who was asking about my arm and I was explaining the other bits. I was using the character Izzy from coronation street as my example, it is great to have someone in the public eye who has the same condition, it certainly helps with explanations. Anyway she summed it up beautifully by saying – So you weren’t made right. Yep that hit the nail on the head, I just wasn’t made right.

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