It all started off so well.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit quieter in terms of hospital appointments, though saying that I have had 4 in the last fortnight. The first was a catch up with my GP, she is wonderful and we have a regular catch up every 2 months to ensure she is up to date with everything, that my medication is still all working and generally planning up-coming surgeries. The hospital appointments were with my cardiologist, physiotherapist and a new orthopaedic consultant. I have been discharged from the physio that’s looking after my elbow and shoulder, I have almost a full range of movement in my elbow and the nerve pain has gone, which is a huge relief. Annoyingly it is really playing up in the other elbow now, but given how straight forward the surgery was on my left elbow I will be progressing with surgery on my right elbow as soon as my surgeon allows, I am seeing him again in November. The shoulder doesn’t have quite as much range of movement back yet but it was a much bigger operation and it is going to be a case of gently exercising it every day. Once I have a car again I am hoping to start swimming to help with my shoulder and everything else really.

The cardiology appointment went well, I have managed to go three whole months without seeing my cardiologist, which is good. Hopefully that will continue. He is keeping a close eye on me, I have been getting more and more shortness of breath which is annoying, if it continues he will do an echo just to make sure it isn’t heart failure. Other than keeping an eye on me there is not a lot else we can do as the angina hasn’t responded to any medication.

The final appointment his week was with an orthopaedic spinal consultant. Who explained that the pars defect in my lumber spine was caused by a spinal fracture that hadn’t healed properly. Next week I am having an injection into that area of my spine to see if it helps with the pain and sciatica, from there we will see. There are 2 surgical options, the most likely one for me would be to rebuild the part of the spine that is broken using bone grafts. To be perfectly honest I have not processed any of this information yet, I think I am still stuck at the point of I broke my back at some point, likely in my childhood and it was never picked up on. I understand it is difficult and most things as children get dismissed as growing pains, however if it had of been picked up for one thing it could have been treated and likely fixed years ago without surgery. Also it is usual with this fracture for only one side of the facet joint to break but if left untreated then the other side also breaks because of the added stress caused by the original fracture. Therefore, I now have two unhealed fractures in my spine.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the tremors are getting worse and more visible to others, well over the weekend my husband also had a gentle conversation with me about them and suggested I speak to someone. I told him it was fine and that as I had already had a brain scan that it couldn’t be Parkinson’s disease. He very delicately told me that Parkinson’s is not diagnosed via a brain scan and that wouldn’t rule it out. Well that my popped my bubble – up until then I wasn’t worried about the tremors at all. I also spoke to my best friend hoping she would say my husband was being over protective and its fine – She put on her best nurse hat and told me ‘it’s probably nothing, nut isn’t it better to get it checked’. SO I am left feeling a little managed and fairly scared. Between that and the broken spine my head is feeling a bit a mashed, so I am furiously knitting while I process this information. At the moment I just feel exhausted and could quite happily hide under my duvet for a couple of days.

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