Happy Birthday!

Not only was it my birthday this week but it is also the blogs birthday – I have been writing for 1 year. Thank you to all you lovely people have been reading my blog and following my updates over the past year.

I have been and got myself a heated foot rest for in my office, it is lovely to have toasty feet while I work. Now to find something to keep them warm in the house. You may laugh, but for the last 2 years I have had frost bite on my feet because of the Raynaud’s, so actually it is very practical as well as lovely :-). Well my quest to find something to keep my feet warm in the house was answered by my daughter who, for my birthday bought me snuggly boot slippers that are microwavable, so that me sorted with toasty feet for winter.

Yes, this week was my birthday and I had a lovely time and even managed to go on a date with my husband. I was struggling a bit with pain so had to use crutches but made it to the movies, my choice and I didn’t fall asleep and then dinner afterwards. It was lovely, so nice to feel spoilt and to have a date night.

Also, this week I have had an orthopaedic and neurology appointment. Orthopaedic was my ankle consultant, we did some x-rays where he was stressing my ankle joint and thinks that it might be an unusual part of my ankle that is unstable. Me unusual medical stuff, well that’s a surprise ha ha! So the next step is to manipulate the joint under anaesthetic, of course we can’t do that for a few weeks because of my back, but I am hoping to get it in during December so that I can get the surgery booked in for January, February.

The Neurology appointment went really well, it is definitely not early onset Parkinson’s, the Neurologist thinks it is a functional tremor and wants to explore the autonomic dysfunction a little more.

I had a new symptom this week, one I have not had before. I walked upstairs after I had been out and let the dog out of her crate, so bent down, stood up and walked a couple of steps to go down stairs and then felt my heart pounding so grabbed the banister and then found myself on the floor looking at the ceiling. Perhaps one to mention to my cardiologist when I see him in December.

The other thing over the last couple of weeks is that I have had a few meetings with occupational therapy at my house, who have been helping with some adaptions. It all feels frighteningly real when occupational therapy start delivering ramps, steps and other bits. Though it’s also very helpful.

I am mainly now starting to prepare for the spinal surgery which is on Friday. They are doing the repair of the bi-lateral pars fracture with bone grafts, screws and other hardware. Other than that next week I am seeing my orthopaedic consultant for a check up on my elbow and possibly starting to look at the elbow on the other side. I also have a meeting with the anaesthetist in preparation for Friday and the nurses for pre-op. There is also my regular two monthly catch up with my GP, so all in all it will be quite a busy week. I will need a rest by Friday.

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