Rest! Rest! I am not sure what that is.

I saw my lovely spinal surgeon this week, who I am beginning to think knows me a little too well or is ganging up on me with my husband. I walked in his office and he asked how I am etc, he then proceeded to say his biggest concern with me, is me doing too much. Moi – little old me, doing too much, never! So I am on enforced ‘rest’. Well I am not sure my poor AMEX can take anymore of me resting it is already weeping in a corner. I seem to have gone a little Christmas crazy and bought all new Christmas decorations, I have gone from – we are not even bothering to put up a tree this year, to having 5 trees! In my defence, some are only small. My house is going to be like a winter wonderland.

During my enforced rest, I shall be knitting. A friend of mine works with Crisis at Christmas, a homeless charity here in the UK. In London over the Christmas period many of the homeless shelters shut down so staff can have a break. Crisis then come in and set up make shift shelters with teams of volunteers, they can offer anything from a hair cut to a hot meal and a bed. So, until the 21st when my friend goes down to London myself and another friend are knitting, hats, gloves and scarfs for her to take down with her.

Other than that I don’t have very much to do, I am faffing about with my studies, I have worked my way through the Scandal season 5 box set, the Christmas prep is well underway – shockingly I am fairly organised, the Christmas gift shopping is done, the food shop is done and already booked in for delivery, all that’s left is the wrapping and writing a few Christmas cards.

So, for those of you that didn’t see the link I posted last week below is an article that I had published with The Mighty and I guess I am off away to ‘rest’.

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