New Year Resolutions!

Yes, it is that time of year again, where we all resolve to become fitter and lose weight. Well along with that I have also been thinking a lot, I think it has been brought on with the passing of so many high profile people in 2016. It gets me back thinking about my own mortality and the impact that our own lives have on the world around us. I have started already to try and take more care of others, in December I knitted loads of woolly hates for the homeless and did up a box of goodies for my friend to take with her to Crisis at Christmas. I will of course continue throughout this year to build up another goody box for my friend to take next year but is that enough?

My working life has been dominated by the financial services industry, an industry known for its greed, its excess and its unethical behaviour. You will no doubt be aware that before I became ill I started a PhD in the subject of ethics in financial services but trying to change an industry of that size it a little like turning the titanic, expect I think trying to make financial services ethical is a touch more difficult. Of course I have gone from that to being, effectively a full time patient and I am therefore spending most of my time with people who have devoted their lives to helping others. My best friend is an A&E nurse and my husband is a paramedic so the feeling that I do not do enough in the world is one that actually started long ago.

No doubt through reading my blog you will be aware of my struggle with my own mortality and impact on the world ever since my diagnosis but I guess there is no better time to contemplate ones impact on humanity that at the turn of the new year. So in response to this, I haven’t made New Years resolutions but I have made a plan for the year. I have 9 things that I would like to achieve in the year, some are big life changing events and others are smaller goals. Obviously I am not going to share my plans with you just yet, but as and when they come to fruition throughout the year I will.

Of course now we are back to normal after the Christmas festivities so we are back to hospital appointments and tests. I have seen my spinal surgeon who is happy with my progress so far since surgery and I have had a bone density scan which I am pleased to say was pretty normal. As I am a high risk of osteoporosis that was a little bit of good news. After all, with my dodgy ligaments if my bones were to start to crumble as well I think I would just turn into a jellyfish.

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