4. Back to earth with a bang!

I am home now after my first 2 weeks of the FSDP scholarship. It has been absolutely incredible 2 weeks. I came back home full of energy, which is probably a good thing as you will remember I moved house a couple of days before I went away. So I have been unpacking for the last few days but I am now having a rest day as I am absolutely exhausted.

The second week of the scholarship the weather was not very good so we only went flying a couple of times. We did some slow speed flying and stalling and turning at 30° bank angles, we are now just shy of completing phase 2 of the microlight syllabus. We have also completed 2 exams, air law and human performance & limitations, so really cracking on. During my time off I am really hoping to get some reading done so I can be ready to sit another couple of exams when I go back, there are 5 in total to sit for the NPPL (M) – which is the microlight license. I think I have been well and truly bitten by the aviation bug and really would like to continue after my scholarship and get my pilots license. When we go back I am hoping to have a trial fly in a different plane, at the moment we are flying an Icarus C42, it is a great plane, very forgiving, I am hoping to have a go in a Shadow. The shadows are known for being really good fun and apparently feel like you have wings strapped to your back.

The change in me has been huge, I feel so much more like me again and so much happier in myself, I am no longer embarrassed about using my stick. With the pictures that have gone up, my sister has commented that I look like myself again and healthier and happier in each shot. It has been amazing to be in this FSDP bubble, where it was all about flying – it’s the first time in 3.5 years that it hasn’t been all about my health. Of course, my health was a consideration but it wasn’t the main focus and that is one of the things I really want to take forward. I need to live my life with health being a consideration but not the main focus.

However, unfortunately with that consideration it really is back to earth with a bang and I have hospital Thursday and Friday this week and more next week. The arthritis in my toe joints is being treated with an injection of a steroid mixture straight into the joint, fingers crossed it works but having had several of these before on other joints – in my experience it is always a precursor to surgery. I am also having casts of my feet done to have orthotics made to try and correct some issues. I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist, where I am expecting to be told I have gastroparesis and I have urology, unfortunately my infection still hasn’t gone and so we are rapidly heading towards a stay in hospital to have IV treatment.

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