Health Update

After all the excitement of the flying, I thought I would take the time to do a bit of a general update. The last couple of weeks has seen a lot of hospital appointments with various outcomes.

I saw my shoulder consultant, who is also my elbow consultant, but we will cover that later. Shoulder wise, the surgery hasn’t been a wild success as it is still subluxing at the front. We are therefore looking at other options. So I was sent to a specialist physio at the national orthopaedic hospital. The long and short of it is that we will continue with physio to try and strengthen my muscles as I have little power in my shoulder and none when it has subluxed. However, I may have to come to terms with the fact that this is as good as it gets.

My elbow – he is of the opinion that my nerve is dislocation over the joint, causing pain, numbness and pins & needles in my hand. He is going to operate and relocate the nerve to a more stable position. That surgery will be scheduled in hopefully before Christmas.

That’s because after Christmas we might be looking to do some more spinal surgery. I am still getting sciatic pain and suffering brief episodes of numbness and pins & needles in my legs. I have a scan on Monday to see how the fractures are healing.

The big one is the results from the analysis after the antibiotics, initially I had 2 infections, one has been cleared up but we have uncovered another, a bit like peeling an onion! I am now waiting to hear if I am going to be treated at home or taken into hospital. Obviously, if I am taken into hospital the elbow surgery will have to wait. I am getting very tired on constantly fighting this infection my body can’t do it for much longer. My husband and I are both resigned to thinking I will be going into hospital for a week to three. In some respects it wouldn’t be a bad thing as I could get some of the day to day problems on record and hopefully could clear up this infection.

I also had a gastric emptying test which took about 6 hours at a hospital in London. All of that whilst I was in the midst of an awful mast cell attack so my skin was flaring up and I was generally feeling rubbish and in extra pain because of the infections. Still feeling a bit rubbish, but feeling a little less grumpy than I was.

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