Aiming High!

I promised an update of the goals that I set for last year, well first of all I should share those goals with you:

2017 Goals

  1. PhD - Finish and write up all primary research and findings.

  2. Learn to fly

  3. Write and publish a book

  4. Finish biomedical science access to HE

  5. Start biomedical science degree

  6. Start swimming

  7. Start ballet

  8. Lose 1 stone in weight

So how did I get on, some are complete and some I am still working on but I think that’s ok, its not like there weren’t a million other things going on.

  1. I have just sat my PhD upgrade viva and passed it and I have completed the first round of research. This year I need to write up the research, do the second round of research and write it up and finish my methodology.

  2. I CAN FLY A PLANE! This is the most amazing thing in the world. Thanks to FSDP not only can I fly a plane but mentally I feel a more like me again than I have done in 3.5 years.

  3. I have written about the first quarter of the book, so it is still a work in progress.

  4. I successfully completed the access to biomedical science, with all merits and distinctions. This is the equivalent of A-levels in physics, biology and chemistry.

  5. I have not started a biomedical science degree yet – I deferred my place for 1 year because I was away learning to fly at the time I would have been starting Uni. I am hoping that I can take up my place in September next year, on a part time basis. That way I can do it in my own time and at my own pace, especially as it is purely for interest and to learn more about my condition.

  6. I did start swimming again but stopped with a surgery and having the line in. If I have the port-a-cath fitted, one of the wonderful things about that is that it is under the skin, so I would still be able to swim.

  7. I started adult ballet and stopped due to surgeries but I am hoping to go back to it this year, it is great for strengthening the ankles.

  8. I lost just over a stone.

As you can see, some are still a work in progress but I am proud of what I have achieved last year despite being ill. Now I need to come up with the 2018 goals – watch this space!

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