Food, glorious food!

A week ago I had spinal surgery, all went well and they removed the mass that was pushing against the nerve and cord. To do this they had to take out the metal work that had previously been put in to stabilise my spinal fractures. Instead of putting the metal work back in they did some more bone grafts over the fractures – hopefully that will hold them in place. With any luck the removal of the mass will help relieve some of the sciatic and lumbar pain that I get.

So that is it, major spinal surgery has now become so routine to me that it gets a small paragraph in my blog and no more. The treatments through my port are going well and I am getting better at them. The IV anti-sickness is really helping my nausea at night, but I am not sure we have the level right yet on the IV anti histamines as I still reacted to the betadine (the surgical scrub) after the op. I am getting very used to having the needle permanently in place with the line etc and have many clothes that naturally cover it up. Though the other night I had to nip to hospital as my back was bleeding quite profusely and I had a top on that showed the line – the first time I have been out in public with it on show. I was less concerned about it and what people might think.

As with every bit of my health it is straight from one thing to the next. I am hoping to get in with my nutritionist next week for a full appointment, we had a brief chat last week but we found we needed longer, as apparently I am quite complex. My weight loss is starting to become an issue – I have lost 20% of my body weight in 8 weeks. Fortunately, I have a little to spare but another eight weeks like that and I am going to start to looking very ill. Aside from the looks my body is becoming severely malnourished. This is because I am barely eating anything because of extreme nausea. This is devastating to me as I love my food, hence why I had the extra few pounds I could afford to lose!

This is all because of the gastroparesis which is getting worse by the day it seems. It means that I might seriously have to get my head around enteral feeding. Which means being fed through a tube directly into the jejunum (Just below the stomach). This kind of feeding means being hooked up to machines for anything from 12 to 24 hours a day. I am someone who likes to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, that way things don’t take me by surprise. So I am currently doing a lot of research to get my head around tube feeding so that if my consultants say that is where we are, then I am ok with it, or as ok as possible.

So that’s my week next week, researching tube feeding, moving around more and trying to get back to normal (whatever that is) after the operation.

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